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A Snail Steals the Show at the Woodland School

We had a great all day session for Reception this week at the Woodland School. I was just going over the Woodland school rules with the boys when we spotted an enormous snail that had come to join us. The children are studying 'minibeasts' as their topic and they were excited that a snail wanted to join their session. The snail featured a lot during the day with the children wanting to build him / her a home etc. The snail was then joined by a slug at one point which added to the excitement! 

We had a camp fire which I used to cook everyone's lunch, which was then followed by the boys being allowed to toast marshmallows over the fire, which as can be imagined, was a very popular treat! Unfortunately, all too soon Reception had to say goodbye to their snail friend and head back to school. Certainly the presence of a snail of such calibre had enhanced the session for all of us!

M. Filer

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