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Our Preparatory School

At Year 3, boys move from our Pre-Prep School into our Preparatory School where they continue their education and are prepared for senior school. The nature of the school day changes as boys take on greater independence and responsibility whilst remaining in a happy and secure environment. 

The boys' transition into the main preparatory school is managed with great care and attention. Many features will be familiar, for instance the security of class teacher learning, but equally there is a gentle underlying current of change. Their class teacher will introduce new ideas and ways of progressing and, as time passes, there is a greater emphasis on working independently

By Year 5 boys are ready to be taught by a greater number of specialist subject teachers. They need now to be a little more organised and to understand that some subjects will receive a greater emphasis. The class teacher's role becomes more one of pastoral care and quiet observation, to ensure the boys are coping with their new routines. 

At the end of their time with us, the boys are more than ready to meet the challenges of their next School

Subjects studied in Years 3 to 6: Drama, English, French, Geography, History, IT, Maths, Music, PHSE, Physical Education, Religious Studies*, General Science** and Sport (* Multi-faith, multi-cultural ** Science years 3 to 4 only)

Extra subject(s) studied in Years 5 & 6: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Latin


The School Day:

Year 3 (8.30am to 3.30pm) The boys continue to be taught predominantly by their form teacher, with input from specialists in subjects such as Music, Sport and French. 
Building on Pre-Preparatory Department learning, reading and numeracy continue to be important. Music is a key part of this year, with participation in orchestras and choirs. Physical Education and Sport also increases, with all boys taking part in regular school matches. French is gently introduced in this year group, mainly in the form of spoken French.

Year 4 (8.30am to 3.30pm) Taught mainly by their form teacher, boys in Year 4 build on what they have learned. Skills are developed and extended and their work becomes more investigational. There is greater emphasis on working together, as well as individually. At the same time boys become increasingly accountable for their work and their actions.

Year 5 (8.30am to 4.15pm) This is an important year for the boys, as the form teacher becomes less central to their day, which also becomes longer. Our boys are required to take more responsibility for their own organisation themselves as they move around the school to specialist rooms. Project work in a variety of subjects builds independence. Science starts to specialise, with lessons in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Year 6 (8.30am to 4.15pm) Boys begin to prepare for their examinations to enter their senior Independent School or 11+ School. Project work continues to play an important role. Throughout the year our philosophy of support and encouragement continues, to help boys to succeed without ‘pressure’. Although Year 6 boys are expected to take their studies seriously, there is plenty to look forward to – particularly the football tour and outdoor pursuits. 


We are delighted to be able to offer a number of scholarships and bursaries for entry into Year 3. Admissions for 2017 are now open. Please see here for more details.

For entry into Years 4-6 please email or phone our Admissions Manager, Su Brailey, 01737 366 942 about availabilty. If a place is available, she can arrange for you to attend an Open Event or have a tour of the School. You will then need to complete a registration form and return this together with the £50 registration fee before scheduling a Taster Day for your child.   


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